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Enabling People
by Providing Education;
Changing Their Communities, Countries and The World.




Where we were:

Ib Meyer, the Director of the Nzeru Foundation, grew up and then later worked as an adult in Africa.   While he was working in outlying African villages he often saw hidden and unused potential in the youth.  

Due to his cross-cultural experiences Ib understood that bringing in foreigners to teach the youth was not a long term solution.  After consulting sources in the international education community it was determined that empowering national educators by giving them the tools and facilities was the best for continued development.  

The Nzeru Foundation,  a US-based foundation, was registered in August 2011, as a 
501 (c) (3) not-for-profit organization.   With a shoe string budget, and generous donations for buildings and supplies, Emmanuel Private Secondary School, located in Salima, Malawi - Africa, was started.


Where we are:

Emmanuel Private Secondary School is almost completely built.   Despite the fact that it is unfinished, the school has become a center of education in the area because of the program and the people.   The director of the school, Patrick Magombo, is a regional chairman for the Independant School Association of Malawi (ISAMA).  

We are a district testing center for the department of education.   Children from schools all around the area come to our school for testing.   Why?  Our program is respected, our teachers are honest and focused on the success of their students, and we are a Malawian school; built by Malawians, using a Malawian design, staffed with Malawian teachers, teaching a Malawian curriculum for the children of Malawi.


Where we are going:

  • Complete Emmanuel Private Secondary School Salima by the middle of 2017.

  • Implement School Nurse program, as soon as possible. (first of its kind in the country)

  • Improve quality of education by creating mentorships between education specialists, from arround the world, and our teaching staff.

  • Bring Director Meyer on full time and expand volunteer staff by the end of 2016.

  • Begin breaking ground on Emmanuel Private Secondary School Nkhotakhota by the beginning of 2018.   

    NOTE: Although the Nzeru Foundation is currently working in Africa, the scope of our mission encompasses the world.  If you are interested in becoming a partner with Nzeru Foundation please e mail  We would love to speak with you; please feel free to contact us.



Malawi Projects


When Completed each school will have:

7 buildings x $30,000 = $210,000.  

The use for each building is as follows:

  • 3 classroom blocks (two classrooms per block)
  • 1 assembly hall
  • 1 administration block/kitchen
  • 1 boys' dormitory/bathrooms
  • 1 girls' dormitory/bathrooms

Two teacher homes - $20,000

- Used for housing both female and male teachers.

Total ammount needed for Buildings = $230,000

Cost of Land will vary by location.




Changed Lives




Teaches Humanities and is the Matron at Emmanuel Private Secondary School.  Sarah has the huge task of promoting education among the girls at school.   She demonstrates, as a living example, that they can be women, and educated, and independant, and respectful, and successful, and so much more.   Sarah carries this responsibility with grace!



Part of the curriculum for those in Secondary school includes AGRICULTURE STUDIES.  With the land that we bought we have plenty of room for the students to practice what they learned and then use it for food or sell it for the school.



There has, over the last couple years, been an increase in crime.   The response of the Malawi Police Service was to build a sub-station directly across from the school!  Thanks must go to Director Magombo who has consistently gone above and beyond to support the police constables.  A great thanks to the government of Malawi for recognizing the security issues and for taking action.  Ndathokoza kwambiri.


Emmanuel Private Secondary School Salima

- Changing over 400 Childrens lives since 2012.

- Over 150 students currently enrolled this year.

- Full Secondary School.

- Full Malawi Government approval and accreditation.

Emmanuel Private Secondary School Nkhotakota

- Coming soon..


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