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The word “Nzeru” means “Wisdom” in  Chichewa the language of Malawi

 We at the Nzeru Foundation wish to harness the wisdoms of the world to assist Africans to educate other Africans.   Why do we want to do this?

In the past 15-20 years Sub-Saharan African nations have adopted Free Primary Education (FPE) allowing millions of children to attend school that would otherwise have been excluded. These same countries are now faced with millions of children, eager to go to secondary school, but unable to. Why? It is not free!

Parents are once again faced with having to make a choice. Which of their children will go to secondary school? The answer, usually, is the boy or boys in the family. Why? They will have the responsibility of caring for their parents when they are older.

What happens to the girls and orphans? In Malawi, Africa, the attendance of girls in primary school is around 80%. The attendance of girls in secondary school is around 20%!

Our goal is to work with local communities in South Eastern Africa in fostering sustainable education and development for the benefit not only of children but also adults. To see how the Nzeru Foundation wishes to do this with your help please explore our website.  Please click on the YouTube icon and see our most recent videos from Ib Meyer’s trip to Salima, Malawi.